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Tech Busters techinicians can visit you at your home or office to take care of all of your laptop repair needs. We can diagnose your problems and replace any parts that need to be replaced getting you back on track faster to do the more important things like work or gaming!

A broken laptop can throw your life off gear. After all, in this age of connectivity, we cannot imagine our lives if we are marooned with a broken laptop. From working of office projects, to saving your personal data to checking & answering e mails, sharing images & videos, updating your status of Facebook to following someone on Twitter, or downloading a game for your toddler, laptop plays an integral part in our lives. No wonder, when it dies, our lives go haywire.

We are here to help you with the above. Whether your screen is broken or damaged, you have connectivity issues, very low or no battery life, or your device just turns on & nothing happens, we repair everything. Sony, Asus, Acer, Windows, Lenovo, Toshiba, Compaq, Dell, any brand, we repair all.

Come to us if your laptop is facing any of the below problems: 1. Device does not turn on or turns on & a blue screen appears with codes written all over 2. Very low battery backup or your laptop’s battery does not charge fully 3. Your suspect a virus or malware attack 4. Connectivity issues – have problem in detecting and connecting to network, no WiFi signals or frequent drop outs 5. Damaged speakers – muffled or broken voice 6. Data recovery 7. Cracked /broken screen 8. Replacement of any part 9. Hardware problems 10. Damage due to water or any liquid ingress 11. Any other problem that you might be facing.

If you search on net, many people recommend fixing your laptop’s problems yourself. You might already have tried that & for sure you had to turn your laptop in for repair again. Therefore, don’t go by guess work, get your laptop repaired by a trusted & renowned laptop repair shop. Just as you need to get a good and trusted brand name for your laptop, should it develop a problem, you need to get it repaired right too. Else all your money invested in buying your desired laptop will go down the drain.

Why choose us : Here are some good reasons: • Open 24x7 • Call us or log in your query at our website. We will get back to you immediately. • You can also bring your laptop for repair at our shop. Depending on the problem encountered we hand back the device to you in a few hours. Sometimes, repair or replacement may take longer but in no case longer than 48 hours. • Very reasonable prices. We don’t quote intentionally higher prices and then pretend to negotiate and provide you some fictitious discount. We don’t quote so low that we are forced to provide sub-standard services. • No minimum hourly rate. If we are unable to solve your problem, don’t pay anything. • You cannot come to our office, no problem. We come to your home/office. And no, we don’t charge anything extra for onsite visits. • We inform the price and approximate time before repairing so that both parties are comfortable. • A team of qualified professionals ensures that your calls are answered immediately. • No waiting time or trying to negotiate your way around busy business hours. • We offer a minimum 30 day guarantee on our repairs. There is no fun in getting your laptop repaired for pretty bucks and then again taking the laptop for repair because it has again developed the same problem.

You may be tempted to try to repair your laptop online. But consider this, you will require a high speed internet connection to let the guy on the other side gain remote access to your laptop to detect & repair any software problem. And the poor guy will not be of much help if your laptop has some serious hardware problem. Also, if for some unfortunate reason, your laptop faces the same problem again, you will have a hard time tracking the online repair provider again & haggling about the cost.

Here we have a proper record of all repairs undertaken. You will be provided a printed invoice copy with diagnosis, cost, time & guarantee period mentioned on it. As we are based at Brisbane, you can always walk in with your invoice copy if you happen to face any problem.

You can talk face to face with the repair guy & get all your queries answered.

We also stock up on spare parts which may need to get replaced.

Also, sometimes we have customers wanting to know whether it is worth getting the old one repaired or buying a new one. For a minimal fess, we offer you complete laptop trouble shooting; we give you a complete health profile of your laptop which should help you in making the decision. We provide all help in transferring your data from your old laptop to your new laptop or desired backup. We also help you with data recovery from a crashed laptop at a very reasonable cost.

You can always read the comments of our satisfied customers on our website. In fact, our quality of service is our USP. Try our services for once and you will always recommend us to your friends & family.

Laptops have become everyday necessity. You need it to check the latest happenings around the world, social networking, answering e mails, searching for kid’s project and so on. A broken laptop can bring our life to a grinding halt.

We are here to ensure you that you don’t let a broken laptop complicate your life. Considering the amount of money you invest to buy a good, branded laptop, a good repair job can make all the difference to your machine.

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No matter what type of laptop you have, get in touch with us and have a chat with our professional team, and ask us what we can do for you?

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