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Tech Busters techinicians can visit you at your home or office to take care of all of your tablet repair needs. We can diagnose your problems and replace any parts that need to be replaced getting you back on track faster to do the more important things like work or gaming!

iPad Repair & Screen Replacement Brisbane

No matter what type of tablet you have, get in touch with us and have a chat with our professional team, and ask us what we can do for you?

Tablets and smart phones have become an inseparable part of our lives. A tablet offers you the freedom of mobility. You can carry it with you anywhere and work on your office project, check and answer e mails, click photos, share videos or simply play games. You no longer have to be tethered to your office or home.

Newer tablets are increasingly becoming more powerful with latest processors, high megapixel cameras, touch screen features, good quality speakers and a host of other features. A tablet has become a powerful and indispensable piece of hardware.

Also with a host of manufacturers offering tablets in competitive prices, tablets have become very common.

But as it is with any other electronic device, tablets too have their share of breakdowns. Sometimes the screen may get cracked or the device just would not turn on.

Well, whatever it is, we repair it. We are one of the most trusted, reliable & renowned tablet repair shop. Based at Brisbane we serve all areas in and around Brisbane.

NO matter who the manufacturer is, whether it is a windows tablet or Android one, we repair everything. We cater to homes, businesses, offices and government organizations.

If your tablet is facing any of the following issues, contact us: 1. Connectivity problems –no WiFi signals even in a WiFi Hotspot or you are unable to connect to a network or frequent broken links. 2. Broken/cracked screen. We repair & replace your screen in an hour. 3. USB / Power ports not working properly. 4. Very low battery life or your battery is not getting fully charged. 5. Blurry camera or broken lenses. 6. Faulty speaker, voice is not clear, sometimes broken or muffled. 7. A broken Sim card reader or Slider. Your Sim card may not be detected and you cannot use your tablet. 8. Water damage. If your tablet has been immersed in water or drenched in rain, bring it to us as soon as possible. The lesser the time elapsed since it went under water, the more is the chance of repairing your tablet. 9. You are having problem in sharing video content over the internet

Now we provide you a list of reasons as to why you should contact us: 1. Onsite as well as offsite services. 2. Give us a call or simply write your problem on the website & we will answer you immediately. 3. You can also visit our store & drop your tablet for repair. We will repair & hand it back to you the same day. 4. Open 24x7. No rush hour traffic or trying to rush around in business hours. 5. Very reasonable rates. Our rates and approx time for repair are told beforehand so that both the parties are comfortable. We don’t quote high prices initially only to provide a fictitious discount later on. Some repair shops are known to quote a very high repair cost. It simply does not make sense for you can easily buy a new tablet in the same cost. We don’t indulge in any of the above unethical practices. 6. We provide a minimum of 30 day guarantee on all our repairs. After all there is nothing more irritating than getting something repaired and pay for it only to repeat the process a few days later. 7. We have a team of qualified professionals to repair your tablet 8. We handle everything from repair to replacement of broken or damaged parts 9. Our repair guy will explain everything to you in detail & the approx time & cost incurred. You can ask as many questions you like. 10. We don’t charge anything extra for onsite visits in Brisbane.

You can of course try to get your tablet repaired online, but consider this, you will require a high speed internet connection & if it your tablet has a faulty antenna or you are facing difficulty in connecting to any network or having frequent broken links, then that online repair won’t be of much help. Also, if you face the same problem, a few days hence, it will be difficult to trace out the online repair people & you will in most probability have to pay again. Contrast this with us. We are based at Brisbane, so if something does not work out, you can always walk in to our store. We have a proper record of all the repairs undertaken and give you a invoice copy, so getting back to us on a repair job that didn’t go through as expected will not be a problem to you.

Most of the tablet repairs only take a few hours & we hand back your tablet the very same day. In the unfortunate case that your tablet cannot be repaired, we also help with data recovery so that your data is safe.

You can also check out the reviews of our satisfied customers at our website or at the store. There is no better indicator of a repair service quality than a testimonial from a customer. Our quality of service will impress you & you will surely recommend us to your family and friends.

Contact us for any problem with your tablet & you will leave satisfied. If we are unable to find a solution to your problem, you don’t have to pay anything.

Tablets and smart phones are now indispensable part of our lives. Our office projects to home needs, all things are now within reach of a few keys. Don’t let a problem with your tablet come in the way of running your life smoothly. Just like getting a trusted name & branded tablet can save you a lot of headache later on, a good repair job also does the same for you. You should not have to spend hours looking for a good repair shop, spend a lot of money & then get back to looking for a better repair shop a few days later.

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