Computer Repair & PC Repair Brisbane

Computer Repair Brisbane

Tech Busters techinicians can visit you at your home or office to take care of all of your computer repair needs. We can diagnose your problems and replace any parts that need to be replaced getting you back on track faster to do the more important things like work or gaming!

PC Repair Brisbane

No matter what type of computer or PC you have, get in touch with us and have a chat with our professional team, and ask us what we can do for you?

You know how it goes , you are in the middle of an important presentation due tomorrow. You are engrossed in the details after putting your kids to sleep & then your computer dies. You frantically press a few keys and reboot (sometimes in the literal sense too!!) while praying that it comes back to life & has saved your data.

This overwhelmingly common scenario can put you under a lot of stress. This is where we come in. Fret no more. We are the 24x7 computer repair shop – the one stop shop for all your computer repair needs – be it fixing a broken computer, recovering data , networking problems, antivirus and so on.

Give us a call or imply log your query in our website and we will be there at your home or office in no time. We provide complete onsite repair services. But of you would like to check out our store for yourself, you are welcome.

We are one of the most reliable computer repair company servicing areas in and around Brisbane. We offer competitive prices and provide onsite as well as off site repair services. Since we are based at Brisbane, unlike other providers we only charge you the cost incurred in repair. We do not charge any travelling costs. And no you are not charged anything extra for onsite visits.

We have a dedicated team of professionals working round the clock to solve your problems. What is more is if we are unable to fix your problem, you don’t have to pay anything.

If the above is not enough, here is a list of points to consider before you consider calling any number you land upon to repair your computer.

• Open 24x7, so the next time you are stuck with a crashed OS at 2 am , don’t worry about the unearthly hour, call us • Pick up your phone or log a call through our website. It is that simple. • Or Walk in at our shop. • Your calls get answered immediately. No waiting time. • Same day service. • Onsite visits to home or office at no extra charges • Locally based – no travelling expenses • Competitive prices – compare them with other service providers for yourself. • No solution – no fees • Qualified professionals to solve your problem s • Good mannered and courteous staff • We address all problems – computer hardware or software, networking or data recovery, updates or replacements. • No surprises

Here are the services we offer: • Complete PC troubleshooting • Antivirus protection • Hardware problems • Part replacements • Data Recovery • Wireless or cable networking issues • Server related issues • Maintenance and repair services.

So the next time you face the problem of slow computer or a any networking issues, virus or malware, give us a call.

Onsite services: Home: We repair your computer, offer complete PC troubleshooting, fix antivirus, install modems, check and repair connectivity problems, repair or replace computer parts & data recovery services.

Onsite services : Offices: Apart from the above, we check and repair servers and server related issues, troubleshoot network problems such as low speed or broken links, install or repair servers, set up local networks.

We also provide regular maintenance services for server. Our quality of service is our USP. Our prices are the best in the industry. We don’t quote a high charge and then negotiate with you to provide some fictitious discounts. We don’t quote so low that we are not forced to provide sub level service as well.

Our staff is well trained to listen to you patiently & answer all your queries. Our trained professionals don’t overload you with unnecessary jargon. They will explain to you in simple words the problem that need to be fixed and how they are going to fix it. You don’t have to fear being overwhelmed by some heavy sounding words and paying n equally heavy amount for simple jobs.

We have a minimum hourly charge and anything beyond that is charged at a flat rate. If the computer needs to be taken to our factory/workshop for repairs, we usually offer your computer back in 24-48 hours.

You can also contact our satisfied customers. You can read the reviews on our website & if interested we can provide you their contact details as well so that you can check for yourself. After all, the best indicator of any good repair job is the number of satisfied customers.

We have several attractive schemes to offer for biannual or annual maintenance programmes for your home or office computers.

We also provide guarantee on all our service. After all there is nothing more irritating than getting something fixed & paying for it only to have the problem recur in a fortnights. Depending on the specific services, we offer a guarantee of 30-90 days.

And before you start to think of online computer repair through remote logins, let us warn you. You will need to have a high speed internet connection for the guy at the other end to log into your network & access your PC. But if it is the network or internet connection that is causing you problems then how do you go for online computer repair. Similarly, with us you can talk to the repair guy & clear all your doubts. Compare it with just logging your problem & letting the person on the other end just guide you through some steps to fix your problem. Moreover, if it is a hardware problem, you will need to take your computer to the workshop to repair / replace the faulty parts.

With our lives so much dependent on computers, it pays to have trusted and renowned computer repair centre to repair your computer. A good repair job done timely & in a quality manner will ensure that your computer keeps running for much longer & you won’t have to keep looking for a computer repair guy again after some time. Needless to mention the amount of headache it can save you.

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